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Establish Ayurveda Resort - St.Petersburg Russia

The GKA Intrnational Medical Center planing to wok with Sri Lankan Ayurveda Medical and Health care centesr to open Ayurveda Hospital and Ayurveda resort in St.Petersburg, Russia . full story

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The word “Ayurveda” has been derived from AYU and VEDA.  AYU means life, VEDA means Science or knowledge. That means the science of life. Charaka defines "That science is designated as Ayurveda where advantageous and disadvantageous as well as happy and unhappy states of life along with what is good and bad for life.” 

. full story

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Trade House Ceylon planing to import hebal tes from Sri Lanka full story

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Ayurveda is a combination of science, philosophy and nature. This details the physical mental emotional and spiritual components necessary for holistic health. Full Story 

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